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We are devoted to help people achieve optimal health, total wellbeing, and longevity through an innovative cellular care

Inspired by the Science of Cellular Care

We deliver products realized by the latest science to help keep your cells young and healthy

Every year we all get one year older – we all age equally. The health and performance of our body, however, age differently from one person to another. We call it a biological age and it has closely linked to our cellular health. By taking good care of your cells, we can look younger, feel energized, and live longer. You can start your own cellular care now! Let us be your company on your journey towards a healthier and fulfilling life.

Nmn Supplement


All the NMN supplements we offer are filled with 99.9% extreme Pure NMN Powder, no additives or anything else except the pure product. This is the highest purity that anyone could ever achieve. The same is the case for any future anti-aging supplements. Quality ingredients are key to producing our NMN Formula that include Resveratrol Supplement. We selectively source to guarantee that we receive only the finest quality ingredients.

3rd Part tested and certified

All our NMN formula are third-party tested in Japan’s trusted independent laboratories and certified for its exceptional purity and potency. After going through the rigorous in-house quality control and testing, our every batch of NMN supplements is tested in Japan’s independent laboratories to confirm its original accuracy. Our continued insistence on excellence has made Max Health the world’s trusted brand for NMN Supplement.


Research and development cost a huge amount of money, but that does not justify the outrageously high prices of NMN supplements currently available in the market. We strive for reasonable prices, so that our anti-aging supplements will be available to as many people as possible. We like more people to take advantage of the NMN benefits guaranteed by our NMN supplements. You will take our Pure NMN Powder and capsules to enjoy the experience of “Glowing from the inside out”!


I have been taking Rejuvenateur Premium NMN formula for about one month. Wow, I feel great! Energized all day long and more than anything, I feel my mind is very clear. Thank you!

I am in my 50s and started feeling tired a lot last year. I have taken Pure NMN capsules every morning and now feel a lot less tired. I really want to continue taking it.

I am a big fan of Max Health Lab products, especially Premium NMN powder. My skin feels smoother now. This is not just my thinking. Many of my colleagues and friend told me that I look younger!!

Really love it and good price! Feel more energetic! Highly Recommend!

Chieko N

I have changed from Donotage to this product. It has been around 3 weeks, I feel that this NMN gives me more energy and strengthen my muscles.

Michel J

Noticeable energy boost after the first 3 weeks of taking this.

Erika M

Been using Rejuvenateur for the pas 2 month i really feel like i have more energy.

Vince D

Trusted quality in good dosage and at a good price for NMN supplement

Christina R

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