As we age, many of us find just a brisk walking for a couple of minutes leaving us out of breath, forget about jogging. It is frustrating to realize our endurance has gone down, and many of us wonder if there is any way to regain the muscle strength that we used to take it for granted. Responding to the public cry for help, the latest science provides an answer in the form of anti-aging supplements.

Simply put, we need natural anti-aging supplements capable of helping us maintain or even raise blood NAD+ and NAD+ metabolite levels in our body. NAD+ is an essential metabolite that is said to play a key role in our health and longevity. Unfortunately, the level of NAD+ declines as we age. By the time we hit middle age, it has fallen to almost half of youthful level. This is the very cause of the declining muscle performance. Good news is we now know high quality NMN anti-aging supplements are available and ready to help restore your muscle strength.

The latest clinical study shows that twelve weeks of NMN supplementation significantly increases blood NAD+ levels and improves a variety of indicators of muscle strength and performance in healthy old men, without compromising safety. Those include walking speed, grip strength, and the number of times the study participants could stand up from a chair in 30 seconds.

This study was conducted by Professor Yamauchi and his colleagues from the University of Tokyo and the results were released in Research Square: orally treating men over age 65 with 250 mg per day of NMN significantly increased their NAD+ levels and improved their muscle performance. The findings from this study have added more evidence to numerous benefits of NMN anti-aging supplement seen in prior studies conducted on animals.

You now know natural anti-aging supplements can be a strong support in your journey to healthy longevity. We offer Rejuvenateur NMN formula to accompany you in your journey toward eternal health and youthful energy. The formula comes in anti-aging capsule and power, you can pick one that will be handy for you.