Dr. David Sinclair, professor at Harvard University, is pioneer with his groundbreaking research into aging and longevity. He is now a world-famous biologist, and many people may know about him through his New York Times Bestseller Nonfiction, Lifespan, which has been translated into many languages.

In his book, Lifespan, Dr. Sinclair wrote that he takes NMN every day. Given that NMN is orally bioavailable, he adds 1,000 mg of NMN to his yogurt for breakfast. For your information, 250 to 500mg of NMN per day would suffice. It is interesting to know Dr. Sinclair, who is a world-famous expert in molecules including NMN and NR, takes NMN. It seems he is convinced the superior benefits of NMN over other molecules including NR.

We Can Now Partially Reverse Aging

He believes that it is not only possible to slow down aging, but even to partially reverse it. This is no longer just his belief. Other scientists have also discovered in their recent studies that partial reversing of aging is possible. For example, in a study such as epigenetic reprogramming, scientists have succeeded in making old mice younger again. Dr. Sinclair has focused his research upon the role of sirtuins in aging and specific substances capable of improving the activity of sirtuins such as resveratrol, nicotinamide (NR), and nicotinamide mononucleotide (NMN). These substances help improve DNA and epigenomic stability and mitigate aging.

After decades of research, Dr. Sinclair now says “NMN seems to be the most promising of all these”. To pursue his research around NMN with the latest technologies, he co-founded a company called Iduna and uses epigenetic reprogramming factors, namely Yamanaka factors, to reserve aging in specific tissues.

NMN is a Pioneering Molecule For Longevity

First and foremost, nicotinamide mononucleotide (NMN) is one of the first longevity substances that has a lot of science behind it.

Let’s go through the basics of NMN.

NMN is a substance that occurs naturally in human body. It is a precursor to NAD+ and therefore is converted into NAD+, which is a cofactor of sirtuins and an important molecule for every cell in human body. It helps maintain and repair damaged DNA and epigenome.

Many studies have shown that NMN contributes to partially reversing vascular gaining, rebuilding endurance in old mice, improvements in aging metabolism and even restoring the fertility in old animals. Some studies in mice have substantiated that NMN can improve fertility by reducing DNA damage and mitochondrial decline in egg cells. Given the beneficial effects of NMN on aging egg cells, it is now anticipated that NMN can improve stem cell health as indicated in a study.

We may want to remember that NMN is one step further down the pathway that convert molecules in NAD+. This means NMN can be easily converted in NAD+ than NR. With all that, it seems NMN has more extensive health and anti-aging benefits than all other substances including NR. And no wonder Dr. Sinclair takes NMN every day for breakfast.