It is incredible but important for you to know nicotinamide mononucleotide (NMN) is now considered as an option to be integrated into cancer treatments for its ability to boost antitumor immune cell. The China-based team at the Capital Medical University in Beijing investigated the effect of NMN on the antitumor immune cells and found that NMN treatment increases antitumor immune cells, while prolonging the cells’ capabilities to kill cancer cells. The research suggests Nmn Supplements  works to boost our immune system, helping combat cancer cells and reduce tumor growth.


Our immune system does not only seek and destroy foreign substances coming into our body.  It also works to eliminate problematic cells internally, such as cancer cells and tumor growth, to keep us stay healthy. As we age, however, our immune system slows down, working less efficiently, and as a result, internal cellular errors become more probable, leading to an increased likelihood of cancer.


The Chinese team demonstrated that treating antitumor immune cells with 100 µM of NMN significantly improves their efficacy and persistence to combat cancer cells. Moreover, NMN Supplements treatment helps delay cell aging, which is suggested by reducing the buildup of dead or dying antitumor immune cells. 

It shows NMN supplements has great potential to increase cell rejuvenation and cell proliferation by upregulating Sirt1, while providing us with great confidence NMN can help cell longevity and anti-tumor efficiency