Healthy aging has become a major topic as the world’s population progressively grows older and the number of individuals over the age 60 is expected to double by 2050. Amassing research from the past 10 years clarifies the molecular mechanism behind aging, highlighting the significant role that NAD+ precursors, including nicotinamide mononucleotide (NMN supplements), play in enhancing cellular energy production to prevent the declining organ and tissue function along with aging.

Now the latest study from Japan indicates taking NMN every day is a safe and well-tolerated practice to boost blood NAD+ levels in healthy adults.

Recently published in Frontiers in Nutrition, Nakagawa and his colleagues at the University of Toyama demonstrated that taking 250mg (two 125mg doses) of NMN orally per day substantially increased blood concentrations of the essential molecule NAD+ in healthy humans between 22 and 64 years old.

Blood NAD+ levels almost doubled and plateaued at approximately four weeks of usage. They confirmed the levels sustained for the 12-week duration of the clinical trial and expectedly dissipated after four weeks of stopping NMN supplementation. What is more interesting is elevations in pule rates were strongly correlated with increased whole blood NAD+ levels, which indicates a higher heart rate induces the metabolism of NAD+, leading to greater NAD+ levels.

No negative blood measurements were observed nor seen any adverse physiological side effects on body weight or blood pressure.

Moreover, the levels of NMN in blood showed no differences in comparison to subjects who did not receive NMN, which indicates that cells metabolize NMN from the blood almost completely. These findings demonstrate that 250 mg of NMN is easily metabolized and almost doubled blood NAD+ levels.