The Human immune system is a complex system of organs, cells, and proteins that protect the body’s own cells while defending it against infection. Memory cells are types of white blood cells (B-lymphocytes and T-lymphocytes) that maintain a track of each and every microbe that the immune system has ever beaten. This implies that if the microbe re-enters your body, it can identify and attack it immediately before it can grow and make you sick again. Our bodies naturally become more prone to different diseases, heart ailments, obesity, and other issues as we age.

What Is NMN?

Max Health Lab’s superior NMN (Nicotinamide Mononucleotide) powder, 99.9% pure, is highly effective in cell maintenance as this product is formulated to contain the finest, most pure NMN available. It helps in reducing your underlying biological age and revitalizes human organ functioning. By using Max Health Lab premium NMN powder, you can have the potential for a healthier life.

Benefits of NMN

  1. NMN boosts energy levels

Studies have shown that people after consuming NMN supplements have more energy levels, stamina, and endurance.

  1. NMN helps in alleviating aging

Many factors decline as we age, including our vision, metabolism, energy levels, bone density, and immunity. However, according to studies, the use of NMN supplements could be crucial in slowing the aging process of the human body.

  1. NMN promotes the health of stem cells

Stem cells diminish with age, resulting in aging as the remaining stem cells become useless over time. NMN supplements have been a lifeline for stem cell self-renewal.

Side Effects

Few people have been reported to have consumed excessive quantities of NMN supplements, which caused diarrhea, sickness, upset stomach, and indigestion difficulties. However, according to research, NMN supplements did not create any significant negative effects at dosages of 500mg and higher.


People have been taking NMN supplements for a long time now and there have been no identified adverse effects. However, before consuming the supplement, always check the dosage recommended on the manufacturer’s label. MAX HEALTH LAB recommends consuming 2 capsules in the morning every day to maintain your cellular strength.