Pure NMN Powder Pack of 4 (60 Grams) | Maxhealth Lab

Pure NMN Powder Pack of 4 (60 Grams) | Maxhealth Lab

Pure NMN Powder Pack of 4 (60 Grams) | Maxhealth Lab


The gold standard for purity and potency
MAXHEALTHLAB premium β-nicotinamide mononucleotide NMN powder of 99.9% purity is a game changer for cellular care. This is the highest quality, extreme-pure, pharmaceutical grade NMN, powerfully contributing to reducing your body’s biological age and rejuvenating your organ functions. Empowered by the Max Health Lab premium NMN powder, you can take your cellular health to the next level.

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Formulated to boost the natural compound found in our body, the MAX HEALTH LAB’s Pure NMN powder or Nicotinamide mononucleotide Powder is a simple and natural way to enhance vitality, cellular function, and metabolism. All this with absolutely no side effects. This product is quality tested in Japan’s certified laboratories for assurance and stability, letting only the purest and most natural product reach you.


Backed by official scientific findings, the drop in NAD+ levels is directly related to the aging process. Our NMN immune booster supplement enhances NAD+ levels, which improve vital body functions, such as cardiovascular function, muscle generation, and glucose metabolism. In essence, our pure NMN powder is a tested oral supplement, promising to increase the longevity of cells responsible for aging and slow down the aging process. Since this supplement is absorbed directly into the blood vessels in the mouth, our NMN supplement is quickly delivered to the bloodstream.


Supplied in powder form, our immunity booster supplement can be taken directly or with water. Daily intake of this supplement offers to increase cellular vitality and helps repair damaged DNA to restore cellular health. Additionally, this premium β-nicotinamide mononucleotide powder revitalizes your immune system, strengthening a body’s ability to fight infections and illnesses. At the same time, this supplement increases the skin’s ability to regenerate and fend off damaging elements.


It also leads to activating the sirtuins genes, which maintains normal cell functions, for better health. Our immune booster supplement is supplied in four packs of 15 g each, providing a total of 60 g for daily intake. Stay active and enjoy your life to the fullest with the regular dosage of this praiseworthy supplement, promising to fill your life with energy and activity. It is recommended to take this supplement first thing in the morning on an empty stomach.

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