Rejuvenateur Premium NMN Formula

Rejuvenateur Premium NMN Formula

Rejuvenateur Premium NMN Formula


Extreme-pure NMN with extra rejuvenating boost
Rejuvenateur Premium NMN formula is an innovative cellular care formula designed to empower you to tackle aging head-on.Max Health Lab extreme-pure 99.9% NMN formulated with antioxidant-rich resveratrol and energy boosting panax ginseng, this exclusive formula creates powerful rejuvenating effects from inside out. Scientifically supported, containing only the finest elements, and meeting rigorous standards, Max Health Lab Rejuvenateur Premium NMN formula can elevate your cellular health to the next level.

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Rejuvenating from inside out for exciting health benefits
What matters most in healthy aging is to build on your health from within, starting from the health of your cells. Healthy, nourished cells ensure the healthy functioning of tissues, organs, and the rest of our body. Integrating Rejuvenateur Premium NMN formula into your cellular care Is simple yet powerful way to boost your day to day energy level as well as to revitalize your organ and muscle functions. NMN premium formula brings you numerous benefits to help you improving your cellular health.

  • Improve cardiovascular function, glucose metabolism, bone density, muscle generation
  • Revitalize your immune system to stem illnesses and virus infections
  • Boost your skin’s natural defense mechanisms and ability to regenerate
  • Increase energy level to fight tiredness
  • Support healthy brain for improved cognitive performance
  • Bring a positive effect on Blood Fats
  • Could act as potent antioxidant that may reduce inflammation
  • Could improve erectile dysfunction
  • May have potential benefits against cancer
  • May ease joint pain
  • Contain natural ingredients, no side effects, suitable for Vegetarians>

Third-party verification for purity and authenticity in every product
All our products are third-party tested in Japan’s trusted independent laboratories and certified for its exceptional purity and potency. After going through the rigorous in-house quality control and testing, our every batch of NMN is tested in Japan’s independent laboratories to confirm its original accuracy. Our continued insistence on excellence has made Max Health Lab one of the world’s trusted brands in the cellular health.

Scientifically Proved
One bottle of Rejuvenateur Premium NMN formula contains 60 vegan capsules. One capsule contains 100mg of NMN, 100mg of resveratrol, and 40mg of panax ginseng. Our recommended dosage is 2 capsules per day in the morning. The capsule was crafted with care to benefit your digestive system. It is resistant to stomach acid and designed to be delivered to the small intestine and colon for higher absorption and bioavailability.

Exceed GMP to deliver on the highest quality
All our products are manufactured well above the current GMP standards. They are carefully stored in cool, dark, and dry environments till delivered to your doorstep. Once received, we recommend you keep it refrigerated. This product is proved to be suitable for vegans.

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