None likes to get old, but that is inevitable. At least we think it is. Is it still so? There are now more and more studies coming out to suggest and even prove otherwise. I would like to highlight here one of the latest clinical studies that shows what we can do to help overcome the inevitable.

It is so depressive, but aging is linked to numerous health issues, inclusive of sleep difficulties. A countless number of aged individuals have experienced frequent interruptions during sleep, a common sign of dissipating sleep quality. The poor sleep facilitates cognitive decline and eventually, depressive moods and states of mind, leading to a compounding effect of falling out of shape while becoming feeble. Age-associated frailty further increases the probability of illnesses such as diabetes and heart failure or stroke.

In their efforts to address the unique needs of older adults, the research team led by Professor Okura at Tsukuba University in Japan conducted a clinical study to find out whether supplementing with nicotinamide mononucleotide (NMN), the immediate NAD+ precursor, improves sleep quality in adults over age 65. They used an analytical tool named the Pittsburgh Sleep Quality Index (PSQI) which has been proved reliable in measuring sleep quality by examining sleep duration, disturbance, daytime function, and sleep efficiency. The result showed that 12 weeks of supplementation with 250mg of NMN during the afternoon registered the overall improvement of sleep quality, including drowsiness and fatigue significantly decreased along with mental dullness. What is even more amazing is that the participants experienced improved lower limb function. The team published the results in Nutrients.

We now know there is at least one assured way, which is to take NMN in the afternoon, to significantly improve sleep quality which can contribute to improving physical and cognitive performance, potentially enhancing older adults’ outlook on life and increasing healthy lifespan.

Let’s try this scientifically proved new way to live in overall good health for a long time to come!